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03 June 2009 @ 09:04 pm
1. Scraping and scraping and scraping and scraping. The invention of the ipod makes repetitive manual labor slightly more rewarding, but reduced the number of interesting thoughts I have while scraping immensely.

2. Late-night backstory bluebooking. I like bluebooking with Tanya, because she likes an NPC or two to be important to her character, and she likes interacting with non-PCs on her own, and she goes "eee" at all the right parts. Also, Fair Folk are FUN!

3. Frustrations with family. I miss being expected to complete projects on my own without someone trying to hold my hand.

4. Tired. All of my muscles ache.
01 June 2009 @ 08:13 pm
Dinner tonight is pan-cooked salmon with cajun seasoning and a side of rice. We're out of milk, so...lemonade? Water. Something to drink. While I wait for the rice to cook, and before finishing the salmon, here's some thoughts I had today.

1. It is possible that I will become one of those old people who can't eat onions or spicy foods because they won't "agree with me." If I become such an old person, I hope that I will continue to eat delicious foods and just suffer through the consequences. It's like a microcosm of the life-philosophy I ascribe to and hope to strive toward.

2. Land of the Lost was a wonderful TV show that I enjoyed when I was like...six? Seven? The movie is going to be AWFUL.

3. The only Exalted signature character I could pull off really well in a cosplay is Desus. The Mask of Winters or the First and Forsaken Lion, with the right costuming, I could do because their outfit obscures the parts that don't fit. The same's true of the Emissary, I guess. The problem I have with cosplaying Desus is that his resplendant orichalcum pimp-cane wouldn't be particularly fun to make as a boffer.

4. Zee's book is shiny. I know this because I've read a sizeable chunk of it today, and it left me with the same out-of-it, vaguely high detachment from reality that I get when I'm halfway through a really good novel. There's chunks that need polishing and proofing, but the characterization is solid, the fairies are sufficiently alien to seem oddly familiar to the part of my brain that's still a child, and the story is engaging enough that I'd pay Zee a small amount of money to find out what happens next. It's certainly a damn sight better than the latest Artemis Fowl book. It's also like an infusion of glamor directly to the bloodstream. I spent like forty minutes this afternoon watching a caterpillar cross the driveway and listening to the sounds gravel makes under my feet and standing on top of things (the boat trailer, the corner of Dad's pickup, and tree stumps, mostly). Is that how Lex feels all the time?

5. The Ambassador sings prettily over the phone.

6. Our boat can get to 48mph? Holy fuck.

7. I think I will take Dr. Arunta Miller and combine him with a story I'm writing, since it's unlikely he'll ever see much use in the Adventures of Oliver O'Stone, Esquire. Don't think Daniel and I will ever actually finish that. Maybe I can find some other illustrator, but it won't be the same.

8. IM programs should allow me to filter which groups of people can see me without blocking them. It'd be nice to go online without being bombarded with "haven't seen you in a while"s.

9. I like when characters have theme songs. I also like when players in my games give me theme songs for my characters. It's an easy way to figure out what feel they want their story to have, so I can try to tailor my storytelling to suit.

10. Somewhere along the line I've come to care about the various educational theories that I thought of as bullshit about a year ago. Perhaps it's from seeing a couple of them in action, perhaps it's because I've actually gotten serious enough about teaching that I'm starting to think of myself as an educator, perhaps it's just that you can't read and write papers about something for a couple of years without forming some sort of opinion on it. Whatever it is, I find that I actually care about instructional methodology, and I feel comfortable using words like "instructional methodology" without being sarcastic. Weird.

11. Guinen, from Star Trek: TNG, is a wonderful Sidereal inspiration. I need to make a Motivational poster to that effect for my posters folder.

12. I really need to find a better way to persuade depressed people that life can be shiny and happy without causing their thought process to tangent into "his life is so much better than mine oh crap my life sucks." If only it were possible to spontaneously create adorable small animals, like kittens, with my mind...
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30 May 2009 @ 12:04 pm
Me: Have at you!
William: Ha!
*Fighting with sunflower stalks ensues, will throws his "sword" at my head."
Will: Bam! You're dead!
Me: Dude, only an idiot throws his sword away.
Will: It killed you, didn't it?
Me: Yes, but it left my vengeful ghost in the sunflower row with INFINITE AMMO!
*Throwing sunflower stalks at Will, who sits there as they bounce off his chest.*
Will: Infinite damage reduction!
Me: Eat Essence ping, bitch!
Will: ...what?
Me: ...nevermind.
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28 May 2009 @ 03:54 pm
So, for those of you who don't already know...in 1945 Nazis went to the moon.

In 2018, they're coming back.

Have I mentioned lately that I love plots involving lots of delicious crack?

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28 May 2009 @ 01:00 pm
Got my pdf copy of the Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas yesterday. Initial reactions:
1. This book is shiny and full of wonderful details on Malfeas without ever actually fully defining anything, which means the ST has a giant pile of useable material but has room to add millions of his own things. Nice.

2. Comics are shiny. Especially the one with Desus, Lillith, Kejak, and Arlot (and his creepy prior-incarnation's lover guy) on a guided tour of Hell. It's adorable, and reminds me very strongly of my "nobody goes to art museums for the right reasons" rants.

3. Lots of new second-and-third circle demons, and a bunch of really useful first-circles as well. I'm going to get a lot of use out of the stat-block chapter, whether it be for allies of Infernalist PCs, enemies of other PCs, or just demons who can accidentally get summoned ino Creation by PC-actions.

4. The red-light districts in Malfeas are all lit by gold lanterns rather than red. JUST to bug the Unconquered Sun. This delights me.

5. Surprisingly tasteful artwork! I mean, sure, there's some demon-boobies and a couple vaguely sexually suggestive pictures when they're talking about the Demon Forest That Makes You Horny and Violent If You Breathe The Air, but mostly? Nothin' too creepy.

6. Kool-aid cults! Explanations of how human souls can get trapped in Malfeas and how they can escape! Rules for diabolic contests to win back loved ones! The Yozis CAN rewrite time (only in Malfeas) to bring back the dead, so long as the dead died in Malfeas, you see, and they'll do it for you for a tremendously scary price. Also ghosts sold to the demons by the Deathlords.

7. Non-demon NPCs! Like this one awesome dragonblood who lives in Malfeas, doesn't worship any demons, and makes a living by being a neutral party there, who's legally allowed to read the laws of the demon city (it's illegal for First-Circle demons to read the laws that govern , you see) and who writes up binding contracts between demons who want to keep their deals hidden from their masters.

8. Octavian has Princess Peach chained to his wall in at least one comic, and the "Mushroom King" easter egg is still in there. I giggled.

In other news, my fridge is still broken, and I'm hungry and Will has already eaten all the easily-microwavable frozen food (the freezer still works) so I have to get up and go outside in order to get any food. Shouldn't be as frustrating as it is.
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27 May 2009 @ 04:34 pm
1. Spent the weekend with the Ambassador. Very nice. Snuggles, pizza, video games, kisses, leftover Jambalaya...all in all, an utterly kickass weekend.

2. And Monday and Tuesday morning. Then I got back on Tuesday afternoon and it was raining too hard to really do anything other than paint a boat and draw a bunch.

3. Found out last night that one of the guys I used to RP a bit with online died. He was a US solidier killed in one of our troop hospitals by some other guy who started shooting up the place. I didn't really know him well enough to grieve, but it was still a nasty shock. There's a whole online forum grieving for him and for the stories he'll never tell with them now.

4. On a lighter note, this Holmes movie? YES. I can forgive them raping canon (canon was always fun but oddly executed and less fun for the reader than it would have been if Holmes revealed the clues he was collecting anyway), so long as there's no ACTUAL vampires and it's all a hoax that Holmes disproves. Please don't let there be actual vampires...

5. Today (Wednesday) has been spent helping move furniture in the morning, taking advantage of continuing rain (it hasn't stopped in like a billion hours) not to paint anything and draw and read and write.

6. Read the Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The West. Conclusion? It is fun to say "Ng hut." Seriously. Try it. Ng hut ng hut ng hut!
6a. Also Leviathan really REALLY needs to get laid.

7. Added a calendar to my Living Exalted spreadsheet, am beginning to populate it with seasonal events like the Denzik trade routes or Immaculate holidays. Am going to be setting up an LJ community sometime this summer to facilitate my "Alumni-NPCs" experiment, because I know I can't reliably get ahold of you all within a short interval of each other by many other means. Besides, it seemed to work well for getting basic announcements out for the LARP STs.

8. Refrigerator is not running. Easy to catch, not so good for cooling of food. Food is now moved out to the cooler out back. I don't like having to walk outside to get a glass of milk.

9. Dinner is chicken. Two chickens. I'm sauteeing the livers with garlic and butter. Delicious.

10. Our rice is riddled with insects. No rice with the chicken.

11. Cold rainy day+Fireplace+Exalted Books= Generally happy-awesome day.

22 May 2009 @ 11:19 pm
1. Based on observational evidence, my little sister may be turning into Diana. Note to self: keep her away from Classics.

2. Note to self: Play a Chosen of Adorjan with Motivation: Stop the Beat.

3. It's so hard to nap when musicals are playing...
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22 May 2009 @ 07:06 pm
1. Deadpool movie deadpool movie deadpool movie deadpool movie what is it about painting that always leaves me thinking about Deadpool?

2. I am getting sunburned.

3. ...I'm wearing that ripped yellow aloha shirt because it's no good for anything but painting now. Am I getting sunburned on my lower back/upper ass? I can't remember how much that shirt covers!

4. I just accidentally hit that bug with paint, and now it's struggling desperately to clean itself off. It's probably going to die slowly from the paint slowly solidifying and freezing in place and blocking up its tiny insectoid air passages...I should just kill it to put it out of its misery...but it might actually succeed in cleaning itself off, so maybe I should give it the chance...

5. Crap! I just got ANOTHER one! Why do these motherfucking bugs keep running right into my paintbrush?

6. WASP! HA! Got you with the paintbrush, bitch! I don't have anything against you personally, but your tiny mindless territoriality was interfering with the creation of a shinily painted fence made entirely out of doors. That makes...what, fifteen bugs dead now? It's interesting, when you think about it. They have no idea why they're dying in agony. I'm accidentally slaughtering tiny creatures in order to make a pretty fence. I mean, I can't paint it without accidentally killing a few dozen bugs in the process, and I'm not going to stop painting just to spare some bugs...still feels a little funny killing things solely for an aesthetically pleasing fence, though. Ah, well. The fence must go on.

7. Omigod this must be exactly what Primordials felt like! I'm totally unprepared for the vengeance of superpowered insects...perhaps I should keep a closer eye on the family dogs and cats, too...they've been eyeing up the dinner table for their entire lives, and we always just thought it was cute...

8. I'm pretty sure my dogs can't actually grant insects magic powers, though.

9. ...WOW I need to think less about Exalted.

10. Deadpool deadpool deadpool deadpool.
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20 May 2009 @ 09:38 pm
1. I got up. Alarm clock radio is weird after so much time waking up to beeping, but horribly static-filled country music frightens me out of bed a hell of a lot faster.

2. I spent the morning drawing. It was SO GOOD! I got a page and a half worth of comics done, and I've begun laying out the next double-page spread. Once this is done, I will have ten pages of Zokthis in shiny colored pencils, and I'll probably be seven to ten pages away from the end of the first chapter. This pleases me immensely.

3. I read the new Artemis Fowl book. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I couldn't enjoy it quite as much as the earlier books, be it because I'm older and more trained in literary criticism, because I like Holly and Artemis more as enemies than friends, because this one was legitimately a little more cliched than its predecessors (TVtropes continues to ruin my life), or perhaps just because I haven't read 'em in a while and I'm out of the mindset. So it wasn't as fun as I remembered, but it was still fun for the afternoon it took me to read it.

4. Read spoilers on the Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas and the Scroll of Heroes. Man, I need to get me both of those books. Especially Scroll of Heroes. Exalted is shiny and won't get out of my head.

5. Scraped paint offa stuff. Thought about Deadpool, and Exalted, and figured out the premise for yet ANOTHER "game I need to run someday." Remind me about it at some point. I call it "The Mask of Unyielding Oak With Stars In Its Branches." That's code for "The Last Starfighter, starring Keanu Reeves."

6. Ate hamburgers with delicious honey-mustard dressing. Stored perishables in the plant cooler in the garage (the fridge is broken and awaiting the repairman).

6. Went for a walk as the sun set, and chatted with the Venusian Ambassador (Who has an LJ now, by the way. Huzzah! Now I can read her thoughts!). It was very calming and soothing after a hot afternoon scraping paint offa stuff. The frogs were chirping and the sun was setting and my pimp cane tapped lightly on the ground every few steps and the fireflies will be out in a few weeks. I look forward to them, and I'm trying to go walking every night.

7. Tomorrow will be a time of hard work, as I'm spending it scraping and painting stuff. Hopefully I will think about interesting things during the process.
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18 May 2009 @ 03:48 pm
From my living room:

Me: And I'm looking at easels, and some copic markers, and some good pens that are good for inking...
Will: You could milk the weasels.
Me: My easel won't hold a weasel.
Katie: You could paint the easel instead of the weasel.
Me: Weasels do not produce ink. That's octopi.
Will: ...but octopi doesn't rhyme with "easel."